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While it is true that chiropractors can fix back pain, that is not the only reason to see a chiropractor. The general public is aware that chiropractors are good at helping people to feel better after an accident or a whiplash scenario, but there is really much more to chiropractic than just that.

Every nerve that supplies our bodies with energy in order for the organs to function at their highest level travels out from our spinal column, through the nerve pathways of the body to the various organs.

Our organs like the heart, digestive system, the liver, and other vital organs operate without us even thinking about it due to this nerve highway. Other glands that secrete vital hormones and secretions that help bodily function also operate the same way.

As we live life and bend and twist our way through it, the nerve pathways become restricted and pinched at times causing less vital flow of the nerve energy our bodies require. A periodic maintenance adjustment keeps this energy flowing like it is supposed to, and keeps us healthy.

Just as an example, take the example of a person who has a spinal chord injury from the neck down, and when you examine the functioning of his or her organs you will find that a severe diminishing of their vitality is present. That is a severe case, but it tells the tale.

The practice of chiropractic fits into a mold of prevention of disease and the promotion of wellness as its cornerstone of treatment. When people walk out of a chiropractor’s office after an adjustment, the experience a feeling of vitality and well-being. This is because various energy pathways have been re-opened by the adjustment. The chiropractor can tell be examination what areas need adjustment, and it is a simple process from there.

Studies have shown that people feel that energy surge because the pathways have been opened to the various organs and now they are operating at a higher level than they were. The boost in energy in the body overall is a real event with more energy being released.

Chiropractic was originated by Dr David D. Palmer when he adjusted the neck of a janitor he knew who was hard of hearing, and when the adjustment was finished the man could hear clearly. From there, the practice of chiropractic was developed so that nerves that are impinged which caused an ineffective transmission of nerve energy, chiropractic treatments were developed to fix things.

Subluxation is the term used to describe an area that needs adjustment. Chiropractic has spread to the point that major professional sports teams and college athletic teams have chiropractors on their staffs.

In some ways, chiropractic goes against some to the traditions of modern medicine, especially the potential overuse of prescription drugs. The concept of preventative health outweighs the indiscriminate use of prescriptions for every little thing according to the philosophy of chiropractic. The results have been impressive with chiropractic treatment, as people who regularly adhere to its treatment have less sickness, and disabilities than people who do not use chiropractors.

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